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TESMEN TWS-322 Wire Stripper Self Adjusting 4-in-1 Automatic Wire Stripper Tool for 10-24 AWG Electrical Wire

TESMEN TWS-322 Wire Stripper Self Adjusting 4-in-1 Automatic Wire Stripper Tool for 10-24 AWG Electrical Wire

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TESMEN Multi-functional Wire Stripper

The TWS-322 is an indispensable, reliable assistant in your electrical toolbox. Crafted from high-carbon steel, this automatic wire stripper ensures minimal deformation and outstanding durability. The blades retain sharpness even after prolonged use, effortlessly managing various tasks. Non-slip rubber (TRP) handles offer a comfortable grip, significantly reducing hand fatigue.

4-in-1 Functionality

Ideal for DIYers and professional electricians. Offering a comprehensive solution for wire handling tasks, this 4-in-1 multifunctional wire stripping tool enables quick and efficient voltage detection, wire stripping, wire cutting, and terminal crimping – all with the TWS-322.

It eliminates the hassle of frequently changing tools, enhancing your work efficiency. It can be used to cut copper, aluminum, sheathed core wires, and cables. Suitable for various sizes of insulated and non-insulated terminals

Non-contact Voltage Detection

The TESMEN TWS-322 wire stripper is equipped with a dependable non-contact voltage testing feature.

Upon detecting voltage, the device emits both an alarm sound and a red light. This feature allows you to quickly check if there is AC voltage in the cables before stripping, helping you determine whether the current circuit is live and ensuring your safety.

Range: 70-250V.

Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper

This wire stripper automatically adapts to wires ranging from 10 to 24 AWG. No need to select a stripping hole, making it effortless compared to manually adjustable wire strippers.

Strip force adjustment nut
Tighten in the ""+"" direction.

Core wire scratching: Loosen in the ""-"" direction.

Strip length adjustment plate
Fixed length:
Adjust the length stopper to align with the wire's end.

Free Length: Flip the length stopper downward to strip from the middle.

Adjustable Stop Block

The adjustable stop block controls core wire length, while the thumbwheel tensioner precisely strips smaller gauge wires. Effortlessly handles NMB cables, Ethernet cables, solid wires, stranded wires, outer sheaths, multi-core cables, and more.

Package including

A TWS-322 wire stripper, 2 batteries, and a user manual.

We provide a 3-year maintenance service and lifetime technical support. If you have any questions or problems while using the product, don't hesitate to contact us